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The Perfect Holiday Gift!

'Tis the season to treat yourself and your loved ones! Learn about all things whiskey and how to use that knowledge to improve your confidence, credibility, connections, and community! Enter your email now for more details, priority access, and exclusive offers.

What Will You Pair Your Whiskey 101 With?

In addition to learning the basics and fundamentals, you'll pair your learning experiences with practical and profitable advice, hands on exercises, and tools to help you improve your confidence, credibility, connections, and community.

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Business Networking

Learn how to get more clients and better connect with your existing ones. Stand out from your competition with impressive icebreakers (pun intended), your new whiskey swagger, and valuable knowledge!

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Level up your confidence, feel more comfortable and secure in any situation, and radiate positivity through exclusive whiskey testimonials and advice, relatable storytelling, and hands on exercises.

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Better Date Nights

2020 has brought new challenges to relationships and it's more important than ever to laugh, connect, and spend quality time together. Spice up date night with affordable and thoughtful ways to please your partner.

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Drink With Purpose

The pandemic has many of us drinking more but not necessarily drinking better. By learning about and appreciating what we're consuming, we stop mindlessly boozing and start whiskey-ing with purpose.

About Your Whiskey Coach

Jackie James blends traditional whiskey culture, cocktails, and experiences with a twist of positivity, modern storytelling, and a fresh perspective. By creating thoughtful and highly customized programs for each unique client, Jackie pairs whiskey education and experiences with balanced living and your other interests and passions such as sports, music, movies, relationships, business, fashion, health, and pop culture.

As a 2020 World’s Top Whiskey Taster Finalist, an Executive and Certified Bourbon Steward, Global Ambassador for Bourbon Plus and Bourbon Charity, Bourbon & Beyond Festival Host, Podcaster, and Whiskey Coach and Consultant, Jackie's goal is to make learning about and tasting whiskey more fun, friendly, and approachable than ever before! Forget the elitism, snobbery, and social pressures... Whiskey with Jackie James focuses on what truly makes your brown juice experiences so special: bringing people together, building confidence, making you laugh, and creating new relationships and strengthening existing ones while celebrating life's special moments.

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