Jackie James blends traditional whiskey culture, cocktails, and experiences with a twist of modern luxury, balanced living, and a fresh perspective


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I always thought whiskey was meant for cowboys and badass men. Never would I ever imagine that I would someday trade in my socially acceptable vodka sodas and sauv blanc for a dram of straight bourbon. Never did I ever think I would know what the word “dram” meant – it’s a pour of whiskey, by the way, or any other spirit.
Welcoming both men and women and whiskey experts and novices alike, my goal is to help expand, diversify, and add value to the existing whiskey community while inviting more women to join us in learning about what’s stereotypically been a male-dominated passion. There is no he vs. she here though – we are simply a group of happy and thirsty people brought together by our love of whiskey. Cheers to the cowboys and badass men and cheers to the girly girls and badass women and to everyone in-between! I'm grateful you're here and so excited to continue this whiskey journey with you!
With respect and love,
Jackie James



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