Conquering the wild wild west from a fresh perspective, Jackie James blends traditional whiskey culture, cocktails, and experiences with modern day luxury, balanced living, and a twist of positivity.

About Jackie James


When you think of a whiskey drinker, who do you see? Probably not me and understandably so. Do you imagine a John Wayne, tough guy, type of man – a Caucasian cowboy who smells like leather and kills spiders with his bare, rough hands? Although he may love whiskey too, that's clearly not me and I'm the biggest whiskey fan I know.

I always thought whiskey wasn’t made for me. I never imagined that I would trade in my socially acceptable vodka sodas and sauvignon blanc for a dram of straight bourbon. I never thought I would know what the word “dram” meant – it’s a pour of whiskey, by the way, or any other spirit.

As an Executive Bourbon Steward and an active whiskey tastemaker, my goal is to help expand, diversify, and add value to the existing whiskey community while inviting more women to learn about what’s stereotypically been a male-dominated passion.

We all come together with a common vision: to celebrate life’s special moments with high quality whiskey, improved confidence, and a better understanding of and appreciation for one another.

Moonshine University

First Global Bourbon+ Ambassador

Bourbon and Beyond

Bourbon & Beyond Whiskey Women Emcee

Moonshine University

Executive & Certified Bourbon Steward

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"Let's bring people together, defeat stereotypes, and celebrate life's special moments through good old-fashioned cocktails, conversations, and storytelling"

- Jackie James

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